Suitcase and World: The road to Kani-Kombole. A washout :-(

Monday, September 6, 2010

The road to Kani-Kombole. A washout :-(

Leaving Djiguibombo, we wound our away up and down the Bandiagara Escarpment.
It was a dreary, rainy day but the rocky landscape of the escarpment called to me.  Somewhere along our ride, I had Peter pull over so I could really take in the view of the escarpment.   What an amazing, panoramic view!

My eyes took in as much of the passing view as they could. Strains of Malian music and Peter and Tall chatting in Bambara filled my ears. Then, all of a sudden, Peter turned off the car engine and he and Tall got out of the car. I followed. What I saw before me was quite a sight.

A small group of village boys and men, riding on cows and pulling a cow driven cart, carefully navigating across a deep section of water streaming across the road leading into Kani-Kombole.

Normally, donkeys are the beasts of burden in Dogon country but apparently, they hate water so when the roadways are flooded like this, cows and if you have one, camels, are called into action.

As the scene continued to unfold before us, the guys contemplated whether or not we could make the crossing our our Land Cruiser. I did not want to get stuck in the middle of *nowhere* Mali so I chimed in on the discussion that if we attempted the crossing, we could easily flood engine and that would be a really, really bad thing. I think it was the sight of a camel crossing, the water reaching up to its belly that finally convinced the guys to scratch a visit to Kani-K from today's agenda.

Next place on the agenda.  The Dogon village of Telli.  By now, I was just hoping we would actually get there. :-)