Suitcase and World: Paro!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We arrived into Paro just before lunch time today. Paro is another quiet little town nestled in the mountains.  We will be spending one night here.  This afternoon, we went to see the National Museum of Bhutan and the Rinpung Dzong, otherwise known simply as the Paro Dzong.  Tomorrow will be the highlight of our visit to Paro as we will be hiking up to the famous Tiger's Nest Monastery!! 

But first, it was lunch time!  On our way to the restaurant, we crossed over the  crystal clear waters of the Paro Chhu.

Rinpung Dzong, also known as the Paro Dzong, with cantilever bridge
Though town center is filled with shops selling souvenirs to tourists, there are also plenty of religious monuments and other interesting buildings to capture one's attention.

After lunch (more ema datse and red rice washed down with a can of Coke), we had a few minutes to stroll through town as Tenzing went in search of bottled water for us.  Then, it was off to the National Museum of Bhutan!