Suitcase and World: Meeting the gang.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meeting the gang.

Igot back from my cooking class with Jyoti just in time to meet up with my fellow tour mates and our leader, Sanjeev Gurung.

Sanjeev was in the lobby and he quickly figured out I was one of his charges. Following his instructions, I headed up to a room on the 4th floor. There were already 3 people there.

I don't quite remember everyone's names at the moment but it's a small group and so I'm sure I will get to know them all in the days to come.

Looks like we have 3 couples - one from Canada and two from Australia. A pair of older women from Australia, whom I am guessing are in their late 60's/early 70's, who are friends travelling together. An older gentlemen who is also from Australia and around the same age as the two women. And then there's me :-)

Our guide, Sanjeev, is Nepali by heritage but Indian by birth. He seems very quiet and shy - I think that's a cultural thing as most Nepalis I've met seem to be that way.

Sanjeev briefed us on our trip and then filled in all the requisite paper work. After we were done, Sanjeev took us to a nearby restaurant where we enjoyed a lovely meal and started to get to know each other better. Every seems very nice and I'm looking to travelling with them for the next 3 weeks!

It's late now and we have an early morning start so I'm off to sleep. So excited to finally get going on this trip!